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Pooja Sam BDS, RDH

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Her passion within the field of dentistry landed her a registered dental hygiene license in the state of Florida. Pooja is now pursuing the two-year advanced standing program to become a full-time dentist. While her relentless love for dental healthcare keeps growing, she also makes time to enjoy the new addition to her family, a very handsome baby boy named Ethan. Pooja also loves the great outdoors, exploring national parks and learning United States history. She loves to write, cook, and above all, spend quality time with her family.


Pooja Benny attended Al Azhar Dental College at Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala, India. There she earned her bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery, graduating with honors in April of 2016. Pooja also married Sam, the love of her life, later that year. Upon graduation, she spent the next few years working as an associate dentist in India at several different dental clinics, gaining different experiences and wealth of valuable knowledge.

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