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When you're not cleaning between your teeth, you are missing 40% of the tooth surface!  Think about it!  Like…if I received a 40% off store coupon in the mail...I would use it right away because that's almost HALF OFF!  Not flossing is NEGLECTING ALMOST HALF OF YOUR TOOTH!  

Whether you’re using traditional string floss, water floss, interdental brushes...etc... it’s important to clean between your teeth daily.  The three major benefits of cleaning between your teeth are:

1. Preventing Cavities 

"I can't wait to get my cavities filled at the dentist!" ...said no one ever.

2. Preventing Gum Disease 

Cleaning between your teeth helps prevent plaque and tartar (bad bacteria) buildup which can lead to gum disease AKA periodontal disease!  When periodontal disease is in it's most severe form, the bone that holds your teeth literally gets eaten away by this "bad bacteria" and when your teeth have no bone to hold them ...they can start falling out.  I know this sounds dramatic but IT HAPPENS!

3. Preventing Heart Disease & Diabetes

There is research showing an oral-systemic link - where periodontal disease contributes to both heart disease and diabetes.  I mean, if something as quick and simple as flossing once a day can improve your overall health - of course you would add it to your routine, right?!

Remember - your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body.  Keeping your mouth as clean and healthy as possible, in turn, affects the rest of your body.  So, you owe it to your body to take a few minutes each day to clean between your teeth!  And if flossing is truly not your thing (big fingers, small mouth, poor manual dexterity, etc) talk to your dental provider to see if you would benefit from another interdental aid - such as water flossers or interdental brushes.

Learn Who Benefits From Water Flossing:

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