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Become a Dental Community Writer

We simplify complex dental jargon and translate it for the general public to clearly understand. Whether you’re looking for fact-based articles about halitosis, or the 5 best ways to whiten at home - we make sure the information is correct and current.

We are here to help people understand and maintain healthy mouths without being lost in industry jargon.


Dental Community Writers

We want to provide trusted oral health information from the source itself, registered dental hygienists, licensed dentists, and other dental professionals.

Searching Google for oral health information is easy, but finding accurate, current, and trustworthy information is a different story. The dental field is an ever-changing landscape and many sources neglect to update information. is a dedicated online resource for consumer oral health moderated by dental professionals. We make oral health information easy to understand and accessible to all.

Our Mission

We strive to be the number one resource for the general public to learn about oral health information.


Content Creation Method’s editorial and dental professional teams are committed to creating quality and current dental content. Our goal is to provide unbiased, honest, and credible content.

Dental Professional Review’s dental professional community content is fact-checked and reviewed by qualified dental professionals, writers, and editors to ensure accuracy.

References, Sources and Citations

Our strict sourcing guidelines rely heavily on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, government agencies, and medical associations. Our community submitted articles are thoroughly researched and sources are verified to ensure accuracy. Please include all sources - including studies, scientific references, and statistics.

Our Style and Voice

Our voice is approachable and factual - fun yet strong; We like to say— it’s like talking to your patient.
Please remember to write like you’re an internet blogger versus a PhD student defending your dissertation...!

People First. Always.

We are all human. We need to put our credentials aside and focus solely on providing clear, digestible, and factual information for our patients. It’s important to remember that the general public is not familiar with dental and scientific terminology. We are here to educate and serve.


1. Not the place for Spam/Self-Promotion

Share topics and content that you love! This not a place for spamming or self-promotion. What does that really mean? Spamming means promoting any business or product you may be running or selling. Self-promotion means promoting or publicizing you or your social accounts or your business.

2. Not the place to be MEAN

No posting of any judgemental, threatening, harassing, defamatory, deceptive, fraudulent, invasive of another's privacy, or vulgar content. This includes how much you despise the last office you worked for!

3. Not The Place To Use Others People’s Work Without Permission

Only post original content. If you plan to use any photos, quotes, memes, gif, etc… make sure it is only content that you have the rights to post.

4. Not The Place To Write For Other Brands Or Business

Our community is NOT the place for promotional articles or writing content on behalf of others for a fee.

5. Not The Place To Write Products Reviews

Our community is NOT the place for product review articles stuffed with affiliate links, it’s just not our style!

GOOD! - Top 5 Mouthwashes for Bad Breath!

NO GOOD! - “BRAND” is the BEST Mouthwash Ever!

6. It Is The Place To Follow The Rules :) Community is subject to’s user agreement. There’s no getting around this one so please read it!

Ever wish you had more time to explain something to your patient but you were running behind? Post your own awesome content to share with your patients

Ever wish you had more time to explain something to your patient but you were running behind? Post your own awesome content to share with your patients