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Deep Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning | Which is Better?

A deep cleaning can help you get your mouth back on track by removing calcified buildup in gum pockets over 5mm deep.

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What To Expect At Your Child's First Dentist Visit

The ADA and pediatricians recommend that every child see a dentist by the time their first tooth comes in or when they turn 1 year old (whichever comes first.)

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How Often Should You Go To The Dentist?

If there’s one thing you need to remember, it’s that almost everyone needs a preventative dental cleaning twice a year (every six months.)

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What is a Deep Teeth Cleaning At The Dentist & What to Expect

Deep cleanings are specifically for addressing soft and calcified deposits settled deep under the gums, along the roots of infected teeth.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

Teeth cleaning costs can vary depending on where you live if you are a new patient and the type of cleaning that you need.

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Can Brushing Your Teeth Clear Up Your Acne?

It turns out that oral care is the new skincare when it comes to a holistic approach to battling acne, breakouts, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads.

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How Much Is A Deep Cleaning At The Dentist?

Depending on what part of the country you live in, it averages about $300 per quadrant if you still have all of your teeth. $800-1800 for a full mouth.

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Exactly How to Find a Good Dentist & Avoid the Bad Ones

When looking for a dentist, knowing what to look for can help you find the best dentist in your area and the best dental care for you.

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How Long Should A Teeth Cleaning Take?

The average dental cleaning appointment is about an hour for an adult, half an hour or so for kids, or multiple visits 90 minutes or longer for deep cleanings.

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6 Best Water Flossers of 2022 Tested by Dental Professionals

Discover the 6 best water flosser products on the market in 2022. Ranked and reviewed by dental professionals.