Tooth Enamel

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dental plaque and tartar on teeth

How To Remove PLAQUE vs.TARTAR

What's the difference and how to remove plaque versus tartar. Having heavy plaque and tartar buildup can affect your overall health.

tooth decay on molar tooth cavities

Cavities & Tooth Decay | Everything You Need To Know

Tooth decay/cavities is a bacterial infection where the hard tooth surfaces start to erode, creating holes in the tooth.

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Tooth Enamel: Loss, Erosion, and Prevention

Tooth enamel is hard, but it’s not indestructible. To keep your teeth clean and manage how much acid they’re exposed to if you want to avoid tooth erosion.

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Can Your Tooth Enamel Grow Back?

You can’t regrow tooth enamel or repair tooth enamel that already had a physical cavity inside of it. But remineralizing teeth with fluoride...

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Thinning Enamel? How to Spot Enamel Loss & Damage 

You can’t get tooth enamel back, so recognizing the signs of erosion is one of the most important things you can do to prevent further enamel loss or damage.

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Is Sparkling & Carbonated Water Bad for Teeth

Even though carbonated water is acidic, it's generally better than drinking sugary drinks or soda. It still can erode tooth enamel.

dental abscess

5 Stages Of An Abscessed Tooth & What To Do

There are five stages of abscess teeth and three types of dental abscess: gingival, periodontal, and periapical.

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9 Reasons for Teeth Stains & What To Do About It

Understanding what causes discolored tooth enamel and being able to pinpoint the types of teeth stains will help you determine the best way to treat it.

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Dental Risks to Athletes (of All Ages)

A lot of athletes clench and grind their teeth during strenuous activities and are more at risk for cavities, dry mouth, and broken teeth.

Best Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

7 Best Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth According to an RDH

Understanding the types of tooth sensitivity toothpaste can help relieve tooth sensitivity within days. The wrong toothpaste can make your teeth sensitive.

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Is Lemon Water Bad For Your Teeth?

Is lemon water bad for your teeth? Yes, if you’re drinking it all day every day.