Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth impacted


wisdom teeth impacted

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Pain, Impacted, Recovery & Cost

Wisdom teeth pain can be difficult. Wisdom teeth extraction is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon with or without sedation or general anesthesia.

wisdom teeth extraction with dentist

Wisdom Teeth Stitches Care | Healing Time, & Infection Risks

During wisdom teeth removal, stitches aren’t always a given. Much of it will depend on the type of extraction you’re having and how it’s being completed.

Extraction of Molar tooth damaged by tooth decay

Cost to Extract a Tooth With & Without Insurance

The average price of a simple tooth extraction without insurance costs between $100 to $300 per tooth. Sedation wisdom tooth extraction costs $1,000 or more.

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Pericoronitis: Swollen & Infected Wisdom Teeth

Pericoronitis is a condition that involves swollen gums around a wisdom tooth. Acute pericoronitis infections can be extremely painful.

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21 Yummy & Soft Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Every oral surgery patient needs to know what foods they can eat after wisdom tooth removal. You’ll want to have several options to eat.

wisdom tooth with mesial impaction . Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration

8 Warning Signs for Impacted Wisdom Teeth & 4 Impaction Type 

Think you might have impacted wisdom teeth? These impacted molars are more common than you think, with most people having at least one impacted wisdom tooth.

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Wait, Can Wisdom Teeth Grow Back After They're Removed?

Can teeth grow back after your wisdom teeth removal? No. But can you have extra wisdom teeth come in behind your typical four third molars?