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“Your dental health and overall health are connected.  The goal of dental hygiene is to prevent oral disease, thus improving overall health.” 

-Whitney DiFoggio, BS, RDH



About Teeth Talk

TeethTalkGirl.com was created by a passionate dental hygienist, Whitney DiFoggio, BS, RDH.  Whitney’s journey of spreading dental health awareness began on the YouTube platform — where she continues to create educational videos for the public. 

Dentistry is not a one-size-fits-all!  From discovering the best dental floss to understanding dental treatment options, our goal is to provide you with information to take an active role in your oral health. Learn more about us!

Recent Articles From Whitney DiFoggio BS, RDH

Root Resorption and Resorbing Tooth dental x-ray

8 Signs Of Root Resorption & Resorbing Tooth

Root resorption is when the physical root structure of your tooth begins to erode or dissolve away

woman with tongue sticking out

11 Reasons for Bumps on the Back of Your Tongue

It’s completely normal to have different types and sizes of tongue bumps. But sometimes, these papillae can get irritated or inflamed.

Teething Rash on baby's face

What Is A Teething Rash & How To Treat It

A teething rash is when an infant shows some type of rash-like symptoms around their mouth, on their face, or elsewhere on their body.

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5 Ways To Clean Your Toothbrush & Tongue Scraper 

Sanitizing or disinfecting toothbrush heads or knowing how to clean your tongue scraper can help you prevent the transmission of germs.

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What to Do If Your Crown Fell Out | Dental Emergency

If your crown fell out, call your dentist ASAP. In the meantime, don’t chew with that tooth and put your crown somewhere where you won’t lose it.

baking soda teeth whitening with lemon juice

The Truth About Whitening Teeth With Baking Soda

In all, if you are eager to use baking soda, it’s recommended to find a baking soda toothpaste (so it’s also formulated with the anti-cavity ingredients)

millennial man laughing with healthy teeth

What Do Healthy Gums Look Like? (Pictures & Action Plan)

Healthy gums typically look smooth and have a light coral-pink color, not red. They are tightly wrapped around your teeth and do not bleed.

dental plaque disclosing tablet

What Are Plaque Disclosing Tablets & How To Use Them

Plaque disclosing tablets are a temporary teeth dye that shows plaque buildup on your teeth.

mouthwash in pouring into lid

3 Reasons Why Your Mouthwash Burns & How to Stop It

There are a couple of reasons why mouthwash burns your mouth. It contains alcohol, menthol, or chlorhexidine.

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5 Best Teeth Whitening Products for Sensitive Teeth

The best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth will be a system recommended by your dentist or hygienist and used as directed.

young woman with numb face after dentist holding face

7 Ways To Make Novocaine Numbness Go Away After Dentist

There are a few things you can do to try to get your novocaine numbness to wear off faster.

teeth whitening gel zoom on teeth

How Often Can You Whiten Your Teeth?

Bleachorexia is when you whiten your teeth too often than you’re supposed to.