Dental Hygienist Salary in California in 2024

Dental Hygienist Salary in California in 2024

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Dental Hygienist Salary in California in 2024

Dental Hygienist Salary in California in 2024

The average salary for a Dental Hygienist in California varies depending on the source, but the general range is between $102,970 and $124,370 per year, with an average of about $111,580 annually. This figure equates to approximately $53.65 per hour. It's important to note that these figures can fluctuate based on factors like location, experience, and education level. For instance, salaries in specific cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are slightly higher, averaging around $111,860. In contrast, some other areas like Fresno have average salaries closer to $89,020.

Average Dental Hygienist Salary in California

A Dental Hygienist in California typically earns between $102,970 and $124,370 a year. On average, this comes to about $111,580 annually, which is roughly $53.65 per hour.


Average Dental Hygienist Salary by City

City Average Hourly WagesAverage Annual Salary
Bakersfield, CA$44.25$92,050
Chico, CA $49.11$102,150
Fresno, CA $42.80$89,020
Corcoran, CA$49.86$103,720
Los Angeles, CA $53.78$111,860
Madera, CA  $48.75$101,400
Modesto, CA $52.27$108,710
Napa, CA  $55.38$115,180
Ventura, CA$49.44$102,840
Redding, CA$47.84$99,510
Riverside, CA  $47.77$99,350
Sacramento, CA$49.33$102,610
Salinas, CA $53.61$111,510
San Diego, CA$51.11$106,320
San Francisco, CA$59.29$123,330
San Jose, CA $58.83$122,370
San Luis Obispo, CA$54.05$112,420
Santa Cruz, CA$56.20$116,900
Santa Barbara, CA $63.08$131,200
Santa Rosa, CA$57.56$119,730
Stockton, CA$51.08$106,250
Vallejo, CA $55.05$114,510
Porterville, CA $49.14 $102,210
Yuba City, CA $50.72 $105,500

California Dental Hygienist Salary

The top metro area in California for Dental Hygienist salaries is Los Angeles metro area. According to the data, highest concentration of Dental Hygienists is in Los Angeles, CA, earn an average annual salary of approximately $111,860. This figure is higher than the average salaries reported in other metro areas within California.

How to Become a Dental Hygienist in California

In California, the California Dental Board sets the rules for becoming a licensed dental hygienist. They state that individuals cannot practice dental hygiene without obtaining and maintaining a valid license. The California Department of Consumer Affairs is responsible for issuing licenses to qualified dental hygienists.

Dental Hygiene Jobs in California

Below is a curated list of the latest full-time and part-time job openings available in California, encompassing a diverse range of employers and positions. This selection has been updated recently to reflect the most current employment opportunities in the state.

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