Why Dental Professionals Use This Backpack For Work

Why Dental Professionals Use This Backpack For Work

 Whitney DiFoggio BS, RDH
Why Dental Professionals Use This Backpack For Work

Looking for a great dental backpack to bring with you to work each day? Maybe you don’t have time to leave the office during your lunch break or you’re always temping at different practices each week. Your dental backpack is like a home away from home, and you can either pack it each day or leave it loaded in the trunk of your car so that you always have what you need. If you’re a hygienist or dentist, backpack space is important. Because you’ll need plenty of room for all of your essentials without worrying about cross-contamination!

Backpack For Dental Professionals 

The Happy Teeth dentist backpack has all the organization essentials that you need and then some. You might love it so much that you use it for personal travel or vacation instead of just work reasons. Thie quality dental backpack allows you to have everything you need in separate compartments, even if it’s something you use in clinical dentistry and want to keep away from personal items, such as a toothbrush, clean masks, or your lunch for the day.

1) Organization

Our dental backpack has multiple compartments to keep you organized. With nearly a dozen different spots to tuck things inside, there’s a place for everything. You’ll know exactly where your keys are, where to quickly grab a few business cards, be able to get to your laptop or lunch without pulling anything else out of the way, and of course, have plenty of room for clothes, shoes, loupes, or even some extra instruments if you need them.  You can pick your own way to organize and have everything stored separately so that you never have to stress about where to find what you need.

2) Antimicrobial 

Any hygienist’s or dentist’s backpack needs to be easy to clean and sanitize. Because even if you’re practicing good hygiene, you always run the risk of cross-contamination when you’re bringing something in and out of a dental or medical office. Especially when you’re storing loupes, shoes, or your scrubs after changing at the end of the workday.

The unique antimicrobial fabric that your dental backpack is made out of should be easy to wipe clean and disinfect. Without having to worry about it ruining your bag! Did you accidentally set it down on a dirty chair or the floor in your op? Go ahead and take out a Caviwipe and wipe that baby down! The antimicrobial properties of the material make it less likely to pick up or harbor germs.

3) Keeps Your Lunch Cold/Hot

One of the best ways to stay healthy, save money, and give yourself more free time is to pack your lunch every day. That way you’re way less tempted to splurge on soda or fried fast food. The Happy Teeth dentist backpack has an insulated compartment that’s big enough to store your lunch and an ice pack…without things leaking through it after sitting there a few hours! There’s plenty of space for your salad dressing, utensils, some fruit for an afternoon snack…you get the idea. But most importantly, it will also act as an insulated lunch bag to help you keep your food at the correct temperature.

4) The Perfect Spot For A Loupes Case  

Loupes are a must-have for today’s dental hygienists and dentists. But they’re definitely bulky and you also have to worry about them contaminating whatever you put them inside, even if you’re disinfecting them between patients. The Happy Teeth bag has plenty of room for your loupes case inside of the side choose-your-own-adventure compartment. Plus, it keeps them separate from everything else in your bag, so you don’t have to worry about your case rubbing up against your clean clothes, water bottle, or whatever else you decide to put in there. And if you don’t need to carry your loupes back and forth from the office, you can always fit your shoes in there.

5) It’s A Favorite For Traveling Dental Pros 

All of the bulk space and separate compartments make the Happy Teeth bag perfect for a carry-on or overnight bag if you’re going out of town. The main flap is almost what you’d see if you were packing a toiletry bag, with separate areas for everything from hair ties to shampoo. You might like it so much that you think it’s too nice to bring to work with you (but you get to go to work more than you do vacation, so you might as well treat yourself and enjoy it as much as possible!)

Made For Healthcare Professionals By Healthcare Professionals

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill cutesy dentist backpack. This is a heavy-duty, germ repelling, OCD-organized dental backpack made for everything you need during your workday. How do we know? Because we’re the dental professionals who designed it! Who knows - it might even make you more excited to go to work in the morning! 

Whether you a nurse, dentist or medical student, the happyteeth backpack is the perfect gear for healthcare pros!  This backpack was vetted by hundreds of healthcare professionals to overcome the specific needs of healthcare workers.

Learn more about the backpack at https://givehappyteeth.com/products/backpack !


 Whitney DiFoggio BS, RDH
Written by Whitney DiFoggio BS, RDH"Teeth Talk Girl," is a registered dental hygienist. She started her dental health journey on YouTube, educating the public through videos.
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