Gum Disease


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Sore Bleeding Gums When Pregnant: Causes & Treatments

Sore gums when pregnant can be related to dental diseases like periodontitis, bleeding gums, and pregnancy treatment.

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9 Worst Foods For Your Teeth & Gums

Candy isn’t the only food that has sugar in it. The worst foods for teeth may actually be what you’re eating on every day without even realizing it.

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8 BEST Foods for Your Teeth & Gums

Choosing food good for teeth and tooth enamel each day can help you limit your chances of cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.

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No, Your Gums Aren’t Bleeding Because the Floss is Cutting Them

What they don’t realize is, it’s the lack of flossing that’s causing their gums to bleed.

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Does Smoking Weed Affect Your Gums And Teeth?

If you think smoking weed is “less bad” on your teeth than smoking or vaping other things, think again.

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11 Reasons Why Your Gums Are Sore

Prevention-based dental care including regular cleanings and a good home hygiene routine is essential to treating and preventing sore gums. 

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What Do Healthy Gums Look Like? (Pictures & Action Plan)

Healthy gums typically look smooth and have a light coral-pink color, not red. They are tightly wrapped around your teeth and do not bleed.

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Can Gum Disease Kill You? Yes, Here's How

If you have active gum disease, it’s important to pay attention to the link between heart disease and oral health.

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Gum Graft Explained & What to Expect

A gum graft can be one of your last options if you have major tissue loss from gum disease or trauma to that area.