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Why Do I Have Cracks In My Tongue? Fissured Tongue Explained

A cracked or fissured tongue is a condition where cracks or deep grooves appear on the top surface of your tongue.

bad taste in the mouth

13 Reasons For A Metal Taste In The Mouth & What To Do

A metallic or metal taste may have various reasons behind it. Here are 13 things that might be causing a bitter or metallic taste in your mouth.

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5 Ways To Clean Your Toothbrush & Tongue Scraper 

Sanitizing or disinfecting toothbrush heads or knowing how to clean your tongue scraper can help you prevent the transmission of germs.

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11 Reasons for Bumps on the Back of Your Tongue

It’s completely normal to have different types and sizes of tongue bumps. But sometimes, these papillae can get irritated or inflamed.

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9 Reasons For Inflamed and Swollen Taste Buds

Do you have swollen taste buds? It’s probably the papillae that they’re on and not the actual taste buds that are swollen.

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11 Reasons For A White Tongue & Treatments

A white tongue can be caused by a lot of different things. Here are 11 common reasons and how to treat a white tongue.