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Canker Sores On Your Tongue: Treatment & Causes

A canker sore on your tongue can be extremely uncomfortable. You can generally expect the irritation to subside within two weeks.

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How To Heal A Burnt Tongue: Causes & Treatment

Getting a burnt tongue is fairly common. The great news is that by taking it easy for a few days, your mouth can usually heal pretty quickly.

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Tongue Sores During Pregnancy | Causes & Treatments

Ulcers, fever blisters, mouth, and tongue sores during pregnancy are usually the same type of sores you see when you aren’t pregnant.

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Tongue-tie in Babies: A Guide for Parents

Ankyloglossia — or a “baby tongue tie” — is a condition where an infant or newborn’s tongue has tight tissue that restricts tongue movement.

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5 Reasons You Should Start Tongue Scraping | Defeat Bad Breath

The benefits of tongue scraping daily can have a huge impact on your breath, the way your food tastes, and the health of your mouth.

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7 Reasons Why Your Tongue Is Itchy: Causes & Treatments

Some of the more common instances of an itchy tongue or mouth are associated with food allergies or a fungal infection like thrush.

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13 Reasons Your Mouth Tastes Salty

If your mouth tastes salty, it could be anything from an abscess to a medical issue. These 13 salty mouth causes will help you identify the problem.

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Why Do I Have Cracks In My Tongue? Fissured Tongue Explained

A cracked or fissured tongue is a condition where cracks or deep grooves appear on the top surface of your tongue.

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13 Reasons For A Metal Taste In The Mouth & What To Do

A metallic or metal taste may have various reasons behind it. Here are 13 things that might be causing a bitter or metallic taste in your mouth.

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5 Ways To Clean Your Toothbrush & Tongue Scraper 

Sanitizing or disinfecting toothbrush heads or knowing how to clean your tongue scraper can help you prevent the transmission of germs.

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11 Reasons for Bumps on the Back of Your Tongue

It’s completely normal to have different types and sizes of tongue bumps. But sometimes, these papillae can get irritated or inflamed.